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BrokerTec US Treasury

Comprehensive US Treasury price discovery sourced from BrokerTec's market leading electronic trading services, offering the most in-depth perspective of the Wholesale US Treasury markets in a single view.

As the world’s leading electronic interdealer platform for trading US Treasuries, the NEX BrokerTec platform is the most reliable source in providing industry standard pricing information for markets across the full range of US Treasury products, including Bills, Notes and Bonds.

BrokerTec facilitates the majority share of daily US Treasury electronic trading volumes, allowing NEX Data to offer clients access to the most liquid and comprehensive US Treasury data via direct feeds and through multiple vendors.

<BRTC> BrokerTec US Treasuries;
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<BRTC2> Top of Book;
<NEXD> Under Fixed Income, BrokerTec US Treasuries

Thomson Reuters
<500> Top of Book;
<0#500PLUS> Depth of Book

NEX Data
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